Welcome to Bothwell Medical Centre

Our medical practice opened in 1853 and has a proud tradition of serving the local community. Over the years the practice has expanded to cope with the growing number of patients and staff. We now have over 10,500 patients in Bothwell, Uddingston, Viewpark and Bellshill. We operate from an attractive building with suitable access for those with a disability.

Our aim is to provide a high quality, caring and personal health care service to the whole patient population. The practice has always thought of itself as being progressive and innovative in its approach to health issues and patient care. We intend to remain at the forefront of new developments, both in clinical and organisational advances. All member of staff are dedicated to practice teamwork and the constant flow of information and communication through all levels of our organisation.

We are proud to be a training practice. In conjunction with NHS Education for Scotland we train GP Speciality Trainee (GPST) doctors all year round. A GPST is a fully qualified doctor, typically with several years’ hospital experience, who is preparing to enter general practice by working in a practice before moving on to a permanent post. This training takes 3 years with 18 months based in the practice and 18 months in the hospital. During the hospital months, our trainers are still supervising the GPST.

As well as the GPSTs we also welcome Foundation Year 2 doctors (FY2) into our practice as part of their training. This is part of the FY2’s rotation and each doctor trains with us for 4 months.


NEW way to contact us for non-clinical routine enquiries!

We’re looking at ways to reduce the telephone queue length for patients phoning in for appointments. 

We’ve created a new online enqiry form – please use it for non-urgent admin enquiries.  You can’t book appointments though, its for admin queries only.

No more waiting in the telephone queue if you just want to check something out.  You could use our new form if you need to request a continuing sickline; ask about test or scan results, confirm your appointment time, ask a question about where your prescription is or other queries that are non-clinical in nature.  Just go to our practice website and click on the ‘Admin Enquiry‘ button.  We will get back to you within 2 working days.  You can’t make appointments using this form but we’re hoping it will reduce the length of the telephone queue so that, if you are phoning for an appointment, you will get through to us more quickly.